From Stress to Success: Wellness Programs for Companies that Care.

Your team’s well-being isn’t just a priority — it's our expertise. Pinpoint the obstacles holding your organization back, annihilate burnout, and cultivate a resilient, high-performance team with powerful workplace culture training.

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Because Your Needs aren’t One-size-fits-all.

Instead of "copy-and-paste” wellness programs for companies, we address your unique challenges with precision. Our unique approach begins with a comprehensive organizational assessment, ensuring tailored solutions for:

  • Precision Chronic Stress Management Workshops
  • Strategic Burnout Eradication
  • Resilience Cultivation, Starting at the Top

Our Signature Services

Beyond 'just getting by': Crafting a blueprint for lasting employee resilience.

Workplace Culture Shift Package

Think bigger. Embark on a transformative 4-month workplace culture training designed with your organization in mind.

Our elite training package includes:

  • 8 meticulously crafted sessions for both employees and leadership
  • Flexible delivery formats: In-person, virtual, or hybrid
  • On-demand access for dynamic learning
  • Precision needs assessment with key staff
  • Leadership sessions for elevated development
  • Exclusive 12-month access to webinars
  • Personalized one-on-one consultations with Marisol Solarte-Erlacher
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Wellness Workshops & Keynotes that Speak Your Team’s Language

Who are our services for?

  • HR Managers with existing wellness programs
  • Leadership in need of external, trauma-informed employee stress management
  • HR Managers who are ‘well-curious’ and desire quality programming

Obstacles, Overcome.
Problems, Solved.
Employees, Empowered.

Invest in your company’s #1 asset: Its people.

With wellness programs for companies that care, our workplace culture trainings, workshops, and keynotes turn the page on a new chapter in your organization’s story: One where challenges turn into triumphs and success starts with mindset.

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Join employers who are building resilient teams at work.

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Feedback from our clients

“The ABA YLD had Marisol come and lead a fireside chat with the young lawyers. She was able to facilitate an amazing discussion encouraging vulnerability and community with the attendees. She also ended the session with practical tips to incorporate moving forward which was invaluable. I wish we could have her at every conference.”

- Brittany Thomas Faith

“Marisol’s presentation and facilitated session was a high point of our senior leadership retreat. Every person in the room walked away with a greater understanding of stress and its impacts, and learned practical tips that will contribute positively to their emotional well-being making them a more effective leader.”

-Joe Garcia

Simply a game changer

"The pandemic was not just tough on business – it is tough on work culture and often impacts employees in deeply personal ways. Which is why I hired Marisol! I highly recommend Marisol to any CEO or manager committed to the whole employee."

-Angela B.

She propelled our staff

"Marisol’s tailored approach, expertise and compassion really helped open lines of communications about mental wellness, work/life balance and therapy as a useful tool for people who are needing it during this very trying time."

-Lori C.

A gift to us all

"In a year when our staff has experienced a rise in stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Marisol's culturally responsive-approach, warm and engaging presence, and focus on mindfulness and stress management have been a gift to us all."

-Sonya U.

Ready to Cultivate Resilience?